Dialogue on the Voluntary National Review

Dialoog VNR - Dialogue VNR - Dialogue VNR

On Wednesday 14 June, the FRDO-CFDD organised a dialogue on the Voluntary National Review (VNR). In such a VNR, a country explains to the UN how the SDGs are being implemented. Belgium submitted a first VNR in 2017. And so now there is a second VNR, which will be presented at the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) in New York in July.

Together with some other advisory councils, FRDO-CFDD made an opinion on the draft text of the VNR. We invited representatives of the various governments of our country to explain to what extent that opinion was taken into account in the finalisation of the VNR. Furthermore, we asked for an explanation of the priorities of the Belgian delegation at the HLPF meeting.

Meanwhile, the new VNR has been published on the UN website.

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