New study on young people, climate and communication

Jongeren tijdens een klimaatmars - Des jeunes lors d'une marche pour le climat - Young people during a climate march  | Picture by Pauline Loroy on Unsplash

At the request of the FRDO-CFDD, researchers from UCLouvain made a study on young people, climate and communication. How do young people see the future? What image do they have of the climate crisis? And how do they see their place in the future labour market? With these questions, the researchers set to work. Based on field research, they came up with the description of various ‘personae’. These fit a number of profiles of groups of young people. This makes it possible to propose more personalised solutions. The results of this study make it possible to formulate recommendations regarding both the perspectives of climate communication towards young people and the policy perspectives that should be implemented to promote their participation.

The full study is only available in French for now. A Dutch translation is in preparation and will be available soon. A short summary can be found here.

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