Advisory councils call for our country to make a quality Voluntary National Review

Our country is submitting a VNR (Voluntary National Review) to the HLPF (High-Level Political Forum) for the second time in July 2023. The IMCSD (Interministerial Conference on Sustainable Development) asked a number of advisory councils to make an opinion on the draft text of that VNR. The following councils approved the opinion: FRDO-CFDD, Minaraad, SERV, […]

05 | Opinion on the draft Voluntary National Review 2023

At the request of the Interministerial Conference on Sustainable Development, in a letter dated 13/02/2023 This opinion was prepared by the VNR 2023 project group Together with the Minaraad, SERV, CESE Wallonia, Brupartners and the Wirtschafts- und Sozialrat Approved by the General Assembly by written procedure on 13 April 2023 Opinion